Turbo fighter

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Turbo Fighter | Supinfogame (2014)

School Project | Card game | Unity | iOS & Android

Project: Turbo Fighter

Turbo Fighter is a card fighting game developed by ten Supinfogame students. The player have to destroy his opponent spaceship by placing cards on the game board.


Tasks: March 2014 | Two weeks project

I worked on this project as Game Designer  for a card fighting game, for a two-weeks development session on a command made by Gameloft representatives.

What I did :

     • Wrote the concept
     • Created an innovative system for this kind of game (based on Final Fantasy ATB system)
     • Produced a documentation favorably noticed by the Gameloft representatives


     • Gameloft representative’s favourite game of these two weeks, awarded by a 17.5/20 mark.


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