Tatassos | Supinfogame (2016)

Final Year School Project | Race game | Unity | PC

Project: Tatassos

Tatassos is a multiplayer race Parkour game. The player embodies a child running with his friends after an ice cream seller. Tatassos is a procedural 1st person game, each race is unique and players have to use their sticky hands (hook) to race thru the environment and reach the ice cream seller first.

Tasks: February 2015 - May 2015 | Selection of the Final year projects

 is born from a game concept I created during my 4th year at Supinfogame. During this year, the school jury had to chose 7 concepts beetween 40 game concept propositions to produce in 5th year. Tatassos was chosen at the end of my 4th year after two pre-selection sessions.

What I did :

     • Wrote the concept
     • Created a prototype

Tasks: October 2015 - June 2016 | Game development

Tatassos production ended in june 2016 and was presented to a professionnal jury. The project had a huge success during the presentations and was awarded by a 17.2/20 grade by the jury (Jury's favourite game with project "Afterward"). Tatassos was also nominated for the Ping Award 2016 (best student game).

Our team was composed of six people: David Rabineau (Producer), Julien Gautrin & Félix Roman (Game Artists), Tom Victor (Programmer), Galdéric Sabourin & myself (Designers).

What I did :

     • Level Design (procedurally generated)
     • Level Art (mostly prop placement)
     • Game design (gameplay improvements)
     • Tweaking
     • Testing
     • Playtest Sessions