Tilting Point

Several Projects (WIP)|Tilting Point (Sep 2016 - Today)

Fixed-Term contract (Mar 2017 - Today) - Internship (Sep 2016 - Feb 2017)
Mobile Game Projects | Unity | iOS/Android

Publisher: Tilting Point

"Tilting Point is a mobile game publishing partner that equips independent mobile game developers with publishing services to conquer today's games market".

Tasks: September 2016 - Today

• Analyze and estimate the Game Design of the potentially publishable games by Tilting Point.
• Provide insightful recommendations for Level/Game mechanics and features.
• Assist developers with user flow optimization.
• Tweak game mechanics.
• Create wireframes.
• Provide  UI/UX rework.
• Optimize monetization mechanics and balancing.
• Work on game and tutorial balancing, user testing and focus groups.
• Create benchmarks and meta-analysis of interesting projects.