Rogue Stormers

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Rogue Stormers | Black Forest Games (2015)

Internship | Run & gun | Homemade Engine | PC

Developer: Black Forest Games

"Black Forest Games is a German developer of computer games based in Offenburg, Germany. The company was founded in 2012 by Andreas Speer and Adrian Goersch. The company was formed by former members of the now defunct Spellbound Entertainment company". The team is behind games like the Helldorado/Desperados series, the Giana Sisters series or Rogue Stormers (2016).

Project: Rogue Stormers

Rogue Stormers is a run ‘n’ gun game with roguelike elements for up to four players in local and online multiplayer mode. Each run is different due to the procedurally generated levels of the game.

Tasks: June - September 2015

My main task during the intership was to create the level "chunks" of the game. The levels are procedurally generated and created with a combinaison of different "chunks". My goal was to make them perfectly balanced and fun to play.

I also did :

      • Micro level design (Subchunk). Subchunks are procedural challenges generated inside the "chunks"
      • Macro Level Design (Main path creation)
      • Enemy/ objects Design and creation


      • Created 100+ "chunks" and "subchunks"
      • Led succesfully the design pole for two weeks
      • My chunks were showcased at Gamescom 2015
      • All my chunks and subchunk are currently integrated in the game

PlayYou can download the game on Steam