Robot Smasher

Robot Smasher banniere

Robot Smasher | Supinfogame (2015)

School Project | Idle Game | Unity | PC

Project: Robot Smasher

Robot Smasher is an iddle game developped on Unity 3D, for a two-week development session on a command made by Gameloft representatives. The player have to build and upgrade robots to become the king of the arena.

Our constraints : Create an MMO iddle game, playable at two offline.

Tasks: March 2015 | Two weeks project

I worked on this project as Game Designer. 

What I did :

      • Wrote the concept
      • Created the game mechanics
      • Created the level design
      • Edited the game trailer


      • Proposed an innovative concept for this kind of game (based on Salty Bet)
      • Led the creative vision



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