Non violent challenge

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NonViolent Challenge (2013)

Personal Project | Strategy | CIV V SDK | PC

ProjectNonViolent challenge

Pitch: "Take the role of one of the most influential nonviolent icons, Gandhi, and try to protect your allies from Catherine's invasion! Use every nonviolent mean at your disposal, from diplomacy to espionage, to build the road to peace! But beware, she has an army that can crush your civilization, so avoid any military conflict and win the game!". The mod was developed in partnership with the Association "Nonviolence XXI" from Paris.

Tasks: April - June 2013

I was working as a Designer during this project. Our process was to involve players during the development of the mod. So that we created an international online survey in order to touch the must of people and different Civilization V's communities. So we could have so the opinion of lots of people which helped us to guide the way of developping the mod.

I worked on :

      • The concept
      • The scenario
      • The playtests sessions
      • The mod trailer


      • This mod was finalist at the 2013 E-virtuoses Awards in the category Serious Gaming
      • It was showed off at a serious game professionnal exhibition organized by Dassault System in October 2013 in Paris
      • 3700 + visits on its Steam Page, 250 + suscribers

PlayCivilisation V non-violent challenge is available on Steam HERE