OX (2014)

Personal Project | Sidescroller | Unity | PC

Project: OX

OX is an action-platformer game developed for the Imagine Cup 2014 competition with Pol Clarissou (Animation & programming), Romane Govin (Character & level Art) and Lucas Maupin (Team leading & Sound Design).
In OX, the player have to lead a young shaman through the etheral world. The shaman can jump, fight ennemies in close combat and use the  teleportation mechanicThe teleportation mechanic is very simple : the shaman can teleport on the edges of the circle around her, in any direction; just by pushing the right stick of the gamepad.

The teleportation mechanic is our core feature and we designed every gameplay situation (both platform and fight situations) from this mechanic.

Tasks: October 2013 – April 2014

I worked on this project as Game and Level Designer. 

What I did :

  • Wrote the concept
  • Created the game mechanics
  • Created the level design
  • Edited the game trailer


  • OX won the bronze medal of the French final of Imagine Cup 2014






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